How Often Should Water Coolers Be Cleaned [2021]

How Often Should Water Coolers Be Cleaned

If you use water cooler, you should have a sound knowledge about how often should water coolers be cleaned. After every 3 to 6 months It is essential to clean your water coolers to keep it sanitary. Water coolers are very important equipment in offices, waiting rooms and for home uses. So water coolers must … Read more

Is Ginger Beer Alcoholic Or Non-Alcoholic

Is ginger beer alcoholic

Are you a ginger beer lover having confusion with “is ginger beer alcoholic”? Is ginger beer halal? I love ginger beer for its tango taste. Ginger beer and ginger ale are the cousins of each other having a spicy taste. Both are known as non-alcoholic soft drinks, but are they non-alcoholic?  Well, there are a … Read more