Can You Blend Hot Liquids In A Ninja Blender Or Not?

Ninja Blender is very common in our modern kitchen and it helps us to make our recipes easy and tasty too. You can easily blends different types of cold items in it. But, can you blend hot liquids in a ninja blender?

Yes, you can. Ninja blenders are versatile and capable of mixing any types of liquid. But when blending hot liquid, you should maintain some precautions to be safe. That’s why I’m here to tell you about some safety issues while blending hot items. So, let’s start!

In this article, we will be removing your confusion and offer you some tips for handling hot liquids in ninja blenders.

Can You Blend Hot Liquids In A Ninja Blender?

Yes. If you’re a Ninja blender user, then you can blend hot liquid. Actually for making soup or and puréeing other kinds of stuff, we need to blend hot liquid. However, many experts suggest using hot liquids in the blenders. Ninja blenders also speak the same, but for using hot liquids at first the liquid has to cool slightly.

In consonance with the precautions, the liquid temperatures must be under eighty-two degree Celsius. Ninja blades are way too adaptable to blend the sturdy or tough elements both at cool and hot temperatures. Not all the Ninja blenders are not supported to blend hot liquids. Only some of the specific brands from Ninja will help you in this case. So you should be aware of it.

The backstop of using hot liquids in a ninja blender

In terms of using hot liquids, we always have to be careful. Moreover, blending hot liquids in a blender is much riskier. As we know that ninja blenders permit us to use hot liquids up to eighty-two degrees Celsius. There are some techniques, and by following these we can get the best output from ninja blenders. 

Due to intense pressure, blending hot liquids can result in an explosion of the tip of the blender. That’s why the hot liquid must have to be divided into batches. Filling the jar halfway will prevent the risk of exploitation.

Principally, we have to be conscious of the amount of vapor or steam inside the jar, it indicates the pressure of the liquid. Depending on the amount of vapor, the opening of the lid is done. Making sure that one hand is must on the top of the lid at the time of blending.

Can you blend hot liquids in a regular blender?

No, it is not always possible to blend hot liquids with regular blenders. Blending hot liquids in a regular blender will create an accident. To blend hot liquids in your blender, you have to check whether the blender is heat-resistant or not. Most of the blenders are made of plastic and the motor is slightly under the blades, which may damage the blender.

Ninja blenders are made of heat-resistant plastic, which is also BPA-free. The plastics they use are food safe for hot liquids. Moreover, all the accessories are heat-resistant and washable. They also provide the benefit of blending in large batches.

How to blend hot liquids In Ninja blenders Perfectly? 

Blades of ninja blender and its inbuilt hot liquid feature make this blender the best in its range. As we know, ninja itself alongside experts claims that it can bear hot mixtures, which made the market fall for ninja blenders. Soup, purée, gravies, and various types of pickles are easy to prepare with this blender. For using this masterpiece, we have to know its perfect mechanism. 

Precaution is a must before using hot liquids. First, pour the jar with hot liquids, makes sure to unplug the blender, and add slowly the liquid to the mixture. Never add other ingredients to the mixture from the pot or frying pan. 

However, now it’s time for placing the jar properly also check the blades too. Then press the pulse button which will start the mechanism, and keep pressing it for preparing the mixture. After mixing properly, unplug the blender and carefully open the lid and enjoy your meal.

How can I safely use a blender with hot liquids?

There are some procedures that you have to follow for blending hot liquids in a blender.

  • Make the liquid cool slightly before pouring it into the jar.
  • Use a towel at the time of holding the jar and keep the scout cap open that will assist you by not creating pressure inside the jar.
  • Overfilling is dangerous for hot liquids. 
  • After blending, do not open the lid immediately, that may cause an explosion.
  • At least wait for fifteen minutes for cooling the mixture. 
  • Try to use a longer jar, which will provide more space for not to create a splash.
  • Do not add proteins or meats to the hot liquids. After cooling the mixture, you can add the meats.
  • It is safer to add some cold liquid with the hot liquid at the time of blending. 
  • Never put any ingredients immediately from the refrigerator in the hot mixture.

However, you don’t have to worry if you use a ninja blender, because they provide the best blenders for hot liquids.

The beneficiary side of using hot liquids in ninja blender

Blenders and other appliances are making our daily life easy, comfortable, and fast. Moreover, the ninja blenders have made it easier by bringing hot liquid sustainable blenders. Here are some benefits of using ninja blenders. 

  • Blending the food ingredients and keeping the taste intact makes the blender a quality product.
  • Any sturdy, tough, hot, or cold liquid ingredients or mixture that can blend.
  • One of the most important topics is it saves a huge amount of time in cooking.
  • Blending hot liquids not only blends the ingredients precisely but also releases insider flavors and aromas.
  • It keeps the kitchen clean, not involving other pots or containers in work.

Therefore, these were the huge beneficiary sides of the ninja blenders in our daily kitchen chores.

What Are The Best Ninja Blenders for Blending Hot Liquids?

Here are some of the Best Ninja blenders for you to blend hot liquid. So let’s have a quick look:

NINJA (HB152) Foodi Cold & Hot Blender

Ninja doesn’t just make awesome kitchen appliances, they also know how to please your taste buds. Now you can enjoy hot soups and cold drinks with this blender. It features a powerful 1400 watt motor that pulverizes ice in seconds, not minutes! This package includes a 64 oz pitcher and two 16 oz cups. Soup is never been so tasty!

The power of this Ninja Blender helps you get the most from every ingredient. You’ll love how it makes icy drinks and healthier smoothies, along with hot soups, sauces, dressings and dips. With this Ninja Blender you can make single serve cold drinks, that taste like they’ve come from a restaurant. 

It’s perfect for making delicious smoothies made with fresh ingredients. And it has two speeds for different stirring needs that allows for a lot of power and convenience in one product. This blender will be your new everyday companion in the kitchen.

  • Powerful Ninja motor.
  • Perfect for blending hot liquid.
  • Two speeds for different use needs.
  •  The price is good
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • No need to cut ice before blending. 
  • The Ninja pulverizes right through the cubes
  • Slightly noisy, but that does not bother me at all, even when I’m listening to music.

Ninja SS401 Foodi Power Blender & Pitcher

The Ninja SS401 is a serious kitchen appliance for blending or processing foods at home for healthy eating. This powerful blender comes with two large-sized cup-shaped food processing pitchers and an XL smoothie bowl maker. 

The pitcher  will get the job done in seconds. It has a powerful 1200 watt motor, which is quite powerful. The blender jar is equipped with a blade guard to prevent from debris from entering the blades during a blending process.

It is equipped with a strainer inside the jar for making different types of shakes. The  Ninja SS401 food processor pitcher has an eight-cup capacity and the blender jar is 8 cup. Both food processors and the blender jar are dishwasher safe so cleaning it won’t be too hard or time-consuming.

  • Does not leak.
  • The machine is powerful, so it can process almost any foodstuff
  • It’s very easy to clean 
  • Great for making pre-packed shakes and smoothies.
  • Able to blend hot liquid.
  • Good looking appliance.
  • Perfect in size
  • The pitcher lids are very fragile and easily breakable 
  • A bit heavy for a small blender like this one.

Ninja CT810 Chef High-Speed Home Blender

Looking for a new blender? Want one that’s sleek and efficient? Then the Ninja CT810 is your perfect match. The magic of this blender lies in its ability to cut your cooking time. With speed-blending technology and smart auto-off features it makes short work of chopping, pureeing, crushing ice or blending soups. 

This high quality blender utilizes three choppers on the base that work with their 100 watts of power in order to break down food items into small portions. The three individual speeds are perfect for any blending task. The Ninja CT810 is incredibly powerful and will enable you to perform a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

The 72 ounce pitcher is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and has a large feeder cap and a convenient pour spout. The 7-blade stainless steel processing system chops up ice and frozen ingredients effectively, so no matter what you put in it the Ninja CT810 will always give you an even mix.

  • Doesn’t take up much counter space.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • The blades are very powerful and cut through ice cubes easily.
  • Has a large feeding tube so you don’t have to continuously stop.
  • The pitcher has a pour spout that makes serving your blended ingredients easily.
  • A little loud when blending but not enough to be bothersome.

Tips and safer ingredients for a ninja blender

There are some procedures and tips that will make your blending easier and safer. 

  • Make the liquid cool slightly before entering it into the jar.
  • Use a towel at the time of holding the jar and keep the scout cap open that will assist you by not creating pressure.
  • Overfilling is dangerous for hot liquids. 
  • After blending, do not open the lid immediately, that will cause an explosion.
  • At least wait for fifteen minutes for cooling the mixture. 
  • Try to use a longer jar, which will provide more space for not to create a splash.
  • Do not add proteins or meats to the hot liquids. After cooling, the mixture one should add the meats.
  • It is safer to add some cold liquid with the hot liquid at the time of blending. 
  • Never put any ingredients immediately from the refrigerator.

However, no need to worry if you use a ninja blender because they provide many safety features.


  • Why can’t you blend hot liquids in Ninja?

No, it’s not true that you can’t blend hot liquids in Ninja blenders. Hot liquids can create pressure inside the blender and may explode. Therefore, one must follow proper precautions and maintain the rules.

  • Is it safe to put hot liquids in a blender?

Hot liquids are not suitable for the blenders, but Ninja blenders approve that their blades can blend liquids up to eighty-two degrees Celsius. Continuing the procedure, prolonging it with safer ingredients, will lead one toward a perfect outcome.

  • What can destroy a blender?

Blender is an electrical appliance. It may destroy in many ways, among them-

  • Not maintaining proper instructions while blending hot liquids.
  • Pouring ingredients, keeping the blender on. 
  • Keep the blender jar in the washer for a long.
  • Splitting or sticking water in the motor and many more.
  • What should you never put in a blender?

Never ever put hot liquids in a blender, not knowing about the outcome of the ingredient. Moreover, do not insert dry fruits, veggies, spices, beans, and other ingredients in the jar. Some blenders do not give permission of using frozen foods and ice cubes also. Therefore, always read the instructions properly.

  • Is blending unhealthy?

Blending was never unhealthy, it just makes the recipe easier. However, blending makes the food lucid for our digestive system. Blenders break the cell wall and release the antioxidants from the foods. 

Final Words 

Blending hot liquids in a blender will bring an immense change in the duration of cooking. That’s why most people ask, ‘can you blend hot liquids in a ninja blender’. 

While using hot liquids, remember not to rush, this will result in a huge mess. The hot mixture will create pressure and the jar hot, therefore handling the blender is the main thing. First, read the manual and instructions on the blenders. 

I hope so, this article will help you grow exciting thoughts about using Ninja blenders. Ninja blenders will be able to serve you perfect soup, and purées, and make your recipes easier and tastier.