How long does a mini fridge take to get cold?

Are you getting a warm welcome from your brand-new refrigerator? Mini refrigerators are common room-saving choices that fit even the smallest dorm rooms. However, it is usual for individuals to panic when they realize that their mini-fridge is plugged in but won’t cool. 

You may then be curious about how long your refrigerator will take to cool down and how to accelerate the process.  

Whether you have a new refrigerator or recently received electricity restored, the cooling time remains the same. Now that you have a broad understanding of how long does a mini fridge takes to get cold let’s dive into more detail.

How Much Time Does a mini fridge need to be Cool?

It is always fun to buy a new appliance. Even more so when it comes to buying a new mini-refrigerator. Many refrigerators won’t be cool until four hours after starting up, but some that are compact and strong enough could be effectively cool in two hours. No matter their size, most refrigerators typically require 12-24 hours to achieve their maximum chilling capacity. However, this relies on how well they are configured. For optimum performance, some brands recommend giving mini refrigerators a cooling period of at least 4 hours. However, the cooling time depends on many factors. In this article, I will discuss them in detail. 

How to check the Cooling Time of Your Mini Refrigerator?

The most straightforward approach to get the cooling time for your particular refrigerator is to Google the manufacturer’s name and model number. Then read the user handbook or installation instructions on the manufacturer’s website. Or choose a reputable retail website to check the colling time of your specific brands. If can download the pdf of your installation instructions. Then press CTRL+F on your keyboard and search the word hours. If you do this, you will find a section where they discuss the cooling time of your mini fridge. This searching process will save you some time.

How long does a mini fridge take to get cold

Factors affect the cooling time of your mini refrigerator.

The time it takes a mini-refrigerator to cool down depends on several factors because mini-refrigerators are so small. For instance, opening the door results in cold air escaping and lengthens the cooling process. Additionally, refrigerators will take longer to cool if they are situated too close to walls or in a warm environment.

How long does a mini fridge take to get cold? A larger fridge will often take longer to cool. However, this isn’t a universal rule. At the same time, many larger refrigerators require about 24 hours to cool. Some of the mini solid fridges need only 2-4 hours to be cool. The beginning temperature of a refrigerator would be warmer if it keep in a warm storage location before being delivered to your home. So, it will take a little longer to get to 4.4°C or 40°F.

The room temperature will also impact the cooling time. Recommended room temperature may be mentioned in your user handbook. If kept in a warm area, such as a garage or outdoor kitchen, your refrigerator may burn out. It may burn out because it continuously overstretches itself to stay cool, resulting in more extended, harsher work periods. You might need to spend money on fans, vents, insulation, or air conditioning if the mini refrigerator is in your garage to keep it cold. I also advise avoiding too much sun exposure.

Due to their lower efficiency, older refrigerators will take longer to cool down than more recent ones. In addition, cooling periods might be slowed down by dusty, filthy, and blocked coils. Finally, the quality of your refrigerator is essential. The mini fridge won’t cool as quickly if some components aren’t functioning correctly. The critical parts are:

  1. The temperature.
  2. Obstructed air vents.
  3. A broken door seals.
  4. The condenser fans.
  5. Even a defective compressor.

So, if you take care of the above conditions, your mini-refrigerator will cool quickly.

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Ways to Quicken the Cooling Process

Here are my top recommendations for accelerating and streamlining the cooling process:

  1. Always try to keep the door closed
  2. You should always keep the coil clean.
  3. Always plug it properly into the wall socket.
  4. You must need to take care of the airflow.
  5. Always keep your mini refrigerator in a cool place.
  6. When your refrigerator is cooling, try not to open the doors.

Bonus Tip: Place a bag of ice or an ice block in the refrigerator while cooling.

In the end, even though you might want to speed up the cooling process. Your health should hold off using the refrigerator until it reaches a temperature where food is safe.

How long does a mini fridge take to get cold when the power goes out?

You have no power, and it isn’t the best thing for your mini fridge. But if it does and you’re worried about the food in your fridge or freezer, follow these steps to ensure you don’t get sick while trying to save it.

If the electricity goes out

1. A fridge that hasn’t been opened in about 3-4 hours will still be cold.

2. A full, unopened freezer will keep its cold for 24-30 hours. If it’s only half full, it will last for about 10-12 hours.

When the electricity turns back on

Check to see how cold the freezer is.

1. The food is safe to eat if the freezer is 40°F or lower.

2. If you don’t know the temperature, check each item in the fridge to see what’s happening and ensure the food is safe. If the ice is still on the packages, they are probably fine.

Most importantly, use your judgment to decide which items are still safe to eat and which ones should be thrown away.

Understanding When Your Refrigerator Is Cool Enough to Store Food

For food safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that the temperature inside refrigerators should be at or below 40°F. They should be set to 0°F. Some refrigerators have a digital control panel that shows the temperature. If not, you can buy a thermometer for your fridge on Amazon

A thermometer is essential not only during installation and the first few hours of cooling down but also because temperature changes can mean something is wrong with your fridge. So, it would help if you regularly kept an eye on the temperature inside your fridge.


Getting a new refrigerator is fun. It is always nice to have a food cooling device that works, whether it is brand new or just new to you. How long does a mini fridge take to get cold? This article tells you some ways to help your refrigerator cool down faster. On average, it takes about 12 hours for a fridge to cool down. But the time it takes to cool down depends on the brand and can be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Check the installation guide for your fridge to find out the exact number.

Don’t put food in the fridge until it has reached 40°F, no matter what.

Turn on the air conditioner and keep the fridge a few inches away from the wall to speed up the cooling process. The most important thing is to be patient and shut the door.