How To Clean Burnt Grease From Bottom Of Frying Pan? – 3 Easy Tricks!

How to clean burnt grease from bottom of frying pans? How to clean a scorched pan? Rub, rub and rub! You don’t have to enjoy a big binge to have to. Every day, after cooking, the worst, the laziest thing, is cleaning the pans. And the truth is that with a few simple tricks, everything would be more comfortable. Heard… here we go! That it is time to learn how to wash a pan properly and, most importantly, how to clean burnt grease from the bottom of frying pans.

Remains of stuck food, grease, oil … Although the pans are our right hand in the kitchen, we do not always clean them properly. We may not know how to do it, but we should not ignore it since good care can help us extend these utensils’ lives, simplify our work, and dedicate ourselves to savoring appetizing recipes. So it is very important to know how to clean non-stick pan bottom or how to clean non-stick pans from outside properly.

Know Cleaning Behavior of Different Types of Utensil

Some want to know how to clean the outside bottom of a burnt pan. Or some may want to know how to clean the outside bottom of a burnt pan. Before taking the pan by the handle and knowing what the proper cleaning is, it is advisable to choose this kitchen utensil correctly. From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) they indicate that it is difficult to appreciate with the naked eye the most important aspects of the pan (for example, the distribution of heat or resistance to wear) since it can only be known exactly after analyzing them in a lab. However, other guidelines can lead us to the correct choice of a frying pan. Here I will describe some essential points of the procedure.


This aspect is something easily verifiable. You should check if the handle is comfortable and stop so that the finger does not slide and touch the edge of the area near the hot pan during use. It is also crucial to keep in mind that the frying pan is not so heavy in hand. Make sure it does not look weak or easily rotten.


Whether it is ceramic or Teflon, ensure that the coating used is identified and its manufacturer. All materials used in contact with food, must demonstrate their suitability in migration tests. So, it can be said that those materials that are not good for health, we should not use them. Thus, stainless steel pans must demonstrate that they do not release metal into food. Those made of Teflon cannot allow the migration of PFOA. And it is the same with ceramic ones, which are made of a mixed material of ceramic and Teflon.


A good skillet must be versatile too. But sometimes, it is not very suitable for every user. For example, the OCU advises that frying a fryer, where the temperature can be controlled, is preferable to a frying pan. The temperature rises a lot and the formation of acrylamides – harmful to health – soars.

How to Clean Burnt Grease from Bottom of Frying Pans

how to clean burnt grease from bottom of frying pans

1. Should I Place it under the Water tap after cooking? No Please!

If you are in the habit of putting the pan under running cold water after using it, you’d better change your attitude quickly. There is a rule that is best strictly adhered to, according to the OCU: once you’ve finished cooking, let it cool. Please do not put it in water or under the stream while it is still hot, as these sudden temperature changes affect the metal and Teflon coating. It can make a Burnt Grease coating on the bottom of the pan.

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2. How to Clean Burnt Grease from Bottom of Frying Pans -What should use?

How to remove grease from pans? Before getting down to business about how to Clean Burnt Grease from Bottom of the Frying Pans, there are other things to consider. First of all, for a correct wash of burnt grease, it is essential to use:

  • A quality detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Baking Soda-Vinegar Combo
  • Hot water
  • And a sponge

Very important: we should never use the so-called ‘nanas’ or metal scourers, which scratch the materials and affect their non-stick properties.

Now a question may arise in your mind how to clean a burnt frying pan with salt? Sorry! But it would be best if you did not use salt regularly for removing burnt food and burnt grease from the frying pan. It is because salt is not suitable for cleaning stainless steel pans, but we can clean the non-stick pan with salt. If we use them, the result will be that we will notice how little by little the food will begin to stick, and cleaning will become a nightmare, says Abdul Halim, a specialized non-stick manufacturer manager from Germany.

We can follow these materials or chemicals to remove burned food from pans or remove baked-on grease that I mentioned before. Now you know the answer to your question about how to clean burnt grease from the bottom of frying pans.

3. Know the Cleaning Behavior of Different Types of Frying Pans Correctly

How to clean burnt grease from the bottom of frying pans? This cleaning behavior widely depends on the materials. There are currently a wide variety of types of pans on the market. The most demanded are those that are manufactured respectfully with the environment and with materials with less risk of deterioration, such as titanium, cast iron, and ceramics, says Torrente. However, there are cleaning guidelines that generally apply to all pans. There are also simple tricks that we can use depending on the type of material that will help us to more easily remove grease or stuck food and keep them looking new!


To clean the fat and burned grease from non-stick pans (when it is very stuck or burned on both sides), Abdul Halim advises preparing a paste of baking soda, water, and vinegar. Spread the mixture on the pan and let it rest for about 30-40 minutes. Then we rub gently with a sponge or plastic scourer, and … Mission accomplished!

Stainless steel:

How to clean a burnt stainless steel pan? For this type of pans, Abdul Halim reveals a trick: we sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda and add enough water to cover the gloves. We let it rest for two hours, and then we scrape off the burned remains with a spatula. Following this way, you can clean the outside bottom of pots and frying pans made with stainless steel. Now I think you are clear about the question of how to clean the bottom of stainless steel pans.


It is a delicate material that loses its grip easily. To avoid any damage, specialists recommend using a wooden spatula to remove the remains of food and a soft scouring pad to wash it. Then you can blot with kitchen paper Clever!

Special Tricks on How to Clean Burnt Grease from Frying Pans

  • Salt, warm water, and: In addition to the cleaning conditions imposed by the material, certain generic tricks work for all pans types. For this, you only need things as basic as salt, water, or soap. To clean a non-stick pan with salt is a very easy method but it is very effective. So, take note, and you will see the difference.
  • Warm water and soap: These two products will be your best allies. Pour water with a little liquid detergent into the pan and put it on the heat over medium heat. Let it boil for a few seconds and turn off the heat. Finally, wash with plenty of clean water and with a soft scouring pad. Now you know the number of tricks one for cleaning burnt grease from frying pans.
  • Three minutes with salt: This trick will not only clean the pan but also enhance its non-stick properties. Heat the pan, add three tablespoons of salt and leave for about three minutes until it turns a dark color. Then remove from the heat, let it cool and remove the remains with a dry cloth. Voila! Say Goodbye to fat! and burnt grease!

Are Dishwashers Safe for Cleaning Frying Pans?

Although there are indeed pans suitable to put in the dishwasher, the OCU advises avoiding it since it is still an aggressive chemical environment. Wipe it with a sponge with a little washing-up liquid by hand because, as it is a non-stick material, the residue does not end up clinging to the pan. Along the same lines, from Abdul Halim, add that the dishwasher’s use can affect its properties and even discolor this utensil.

how to clean burnt grease from bottom of frying pans

Tips to Make your Frying Pans Last Longer

The OCU also highlights other measures that, beyond keeping our pans clean, will help their durability.

  • It is recommended that the pan be heated with oil or with some food inside, never empty, as it can cause overheating and burn or deteriorate the coating.
  • It is better not to use metal utensils and even fewer metal knives or forks to stir the food because they will scratch it. The best option is wooden or silicone utensils.
  • The scourer is the great enemy of frying pans, especially metal ones. They are excessively abrasive, and we would be tearing the non-stick surface by scratching.
  • Do not put other kitchen containers on top when you store the pans because they will end up scratching the coating. The ideal is to hang them. If that’s not possible, cover them with kitchen paper, so they don’t scratch.
  • The pans can be recycled. Its materials are reusable. Do not deposit them in the container: take them to a clean point.

When you Should Change the Frying pans?

There is no exact time duration, and the specialists answer because everything will depend on how often we use them and how we treat them. But what is clear is that we must change them when the non-stick coating deteriorates (when the coating is scratched or worn and the background begins to show). We will notice it visually, but when cooking, we see that the food sticks. And if the bottom is bulging, it’s also time to find a new one. Also, you may be interested in our other article on when to throw away your non-stick pans.

Final Words

Thanks for reading the article and I think you have good knowledge now on how to clean burnt grease from pans. You have gathered ideas on how to clean burnt frying pan bottoms. I hope now your cleaning journey will be more enjoyable and comfortable with The Kitchen Town.