How To Clean Ninja Blender- 8 Easy Steps

How to clean ninja blender? Ninja Blender is one of the most trending and popular blenders in the market right now. Because of its powerful blending feature, durability, energy cost efficiency, easy-to-wash features and many more. Enjoying a super-nutritious juice, discovering surprising combinations of flavors and efficiently achieving a healthy life are some of the advantages of using a ninja blender. But to get the most out of your Ninja blender, it is essential to wash it regularly and adequately. But how to clean the ninja blender and how to clean the ninja blender seal? By reading this article, I promise you will know the ins and outs of every cleaning process of your ninja blender.

Importance of cleaning ninja blender properly

In every home, there is some area in which we have to give greater effort when we want to deep clean them. Among that area, sinks, tiles, bathrooms and floors are significant. But there is also some other area where we have to give our full effort to clean them is kitchen and kitchen appliances. If you know how much germs and bacteria are surrounding them, then you will get astonished. Before cleaning this appliance properly, it is essential to know that a ninja blender is one of the appliances where you will find these germs and bacteria due to some reasons like fruits leave after each smoothie is made and for some processed foods.

Some important research about health shows that almost 20-30% of our illness is caused by poorly washed food and appliances. If you know how close we are to salmonella like bacteria, germs or listeria bacteria, then you will get astonished. So, we can say it is essential to know the proper guidelines for cleaning your ninja blenders.

What to keep in mind before cleaning a blender?

Some important research about health shows that almost 20-30% of our illness is caused by poorly washed food and appliances. If you know how close we are to salmonella-like bacteria, germs, or listeria bacteria, then you will get astonished. So, we can say it is essential to know the proper guidelines for cleaning your ninja blenders. This article will demonstrate how to clean a ninja blender in a proper way to maintain its efficiency and get a safe smoothie every time. Before starting the deep cleaning of your ninja blender, we would like to give you some tips. 

Firstly, you should keep in mind that never put your fingers on the filter neck. Remember every time that does not touch the ceramics disc at the bottom of your sieve. You should use a brush every time if you feel that you have to clean them.

Most importantly, it is essential to keep in mind before doing this is unplug your ninja blender and unplug it from the socket. And also, you should remember to never put the ninja blender accessories that contain the motors in the dishwasher. Then it will surely damage your blender, and you need extra money to fix it properly. And remember that abrasive cleaners could damage the surface.

Equipment that needs to clean your ninja blender

Here you will know about some equipment that is needed when you want to clean your ninja blender properly:

  1. Warm water
  2. Baking soda or Vinegar
  3. Some lemons
  4. Cleaning towels
  5. Sponge and Brush
How To Clean Ninja Blender

07 easy steps on how to clean ninja blender

1. Rinse it first

Make sure the blender jug is set on its base correctly before proceeding. It is effortless to forget to put it back in place after use. Now pure some warm water halfway into the blender jug and add some dishwashing liquid or dish detergent. Now put the lid on the blender and connect the blender to electricity. Then turn on the blender to low power and leave it for 30 to 40 seconds. Let the mixture pour properly, and then rinse the jug again with some warm or hot water. This process is helpful to eliminate remaining foods or stuck on the blender. This process is essential to prevent germs and bacteria from returning again and again.

2. Add some lemon to remove tough stains

By using it day by day, the blender gets some tough stains and mold. It is challenging to remove this tough stain and mold with the regular dishwashing liquid or dish detergent. Adding some drops of lemon can quickly solve this massive problem. Now fill your blender with warm water again. Follow the first step but now just add some lemon to it. Also, blend this mixture for about one minute and then unplug the blender. This process will help you to get rid of tough stains from the jug. Now I am confident that you know how to clean the ninja blender and how to clean ninja blender base mold properly with lemon.

3. Carefully Unplug and disassemble the blender

The third step of cleaning a ninja blender is to unplug it and disassemble the blender jug. You can follow the user guides to know how to disassemble the ninja blenders. For some models, the blades, base and gasket seal can be removed separately. For some other models, the edges and the bottom are spined together. To know the proper way of disassembling, you can follow the user manual of your ninja blender. 

4. Cleaning the jug of your ninja blender

The jug of the ninja blender is the dirtiest part. To clean this jug, you can quickly put this into your dishwasher. It will get out shiny. But you should always keep in mind that some models are made with plastics that could not tolerate the heat produced in your dishwasher. And if you wash this kind of plastic jug regularly in your dishwasher, then it can ruin the plastic jar of your ninja blender.

What is the proper way to clean the blender? The best way to clean your plastic jug is to clean this jug manually. So, how can you clean this plastic-made ninja blender jug? Some scientists recommend the best way to put some hot water into the blender and then add one or two spoons of dishwashing liquid or detergents to it. Then scrub it with cleaning towels or soft sponges. This way, you can manually clean your ninja blender jug well and prolong its lifespan.   

If the tough stains weren’t removed by this manual process, add some baking soda or vinegar to the warm/hot water. Now questions may arrive in your mind about how to clean the ninja blender jug with this material properly? Don’t worry, we are always with you to guide properly.

The exact measurements are:

  1. Two teaspoons of dish soap.
  2. Half a cup of baking soda.
  3. One cup of Vinegar or White Vinegar.

You will have to place the mixture in the blender and blend until you see bubbles. You can leave it for about 2 hours or overnight. This process will depend on the fat attached to the blender. The next day, liquefy the mixture again and rinse with warm water. It will then completely remove the tough stains from the jug easily. 

5. Clean other small pieces of your ninja blender

Once the glass and jugs are disassembled and the jar is cleaned, we will now wash each part of the ninja blender separately. In the regions where the food is stuck, we can use it by using the brush. It will remove the stuck foods. Using soapy and warm water will be more comfortable to clean the parts of the blender like the blades, cutting edge and container base gasket latch of the ninja blender. For the blades, we use little oil to lubricate them and make them better for rotating. To avoid the risk of injuries, you should always handle them carefully. Now you know how to clean the ninja blender and how to clean the ninja blender gasket properly.

6. Dry the blender

Once all the cleaning is done, you need to allow them to dry in the air. You can place them into the rack or any dry place.  Don’t reassemble the blender until it is properly dried.

7. Carefully reassemble the ninja blender

After following all the steps, now it’s time to reassemble all the ninja blender parts. Sometimes, it seems confusing, so it is recommended to follow the user manual to correctly reassemble your blender. Now I think you are clear about this step of how to clean the ninja blender properly.

How To Clean Ninja Blender

How to clean the ninja blender power base?

Do you know how to clean ninja blender power bases? Once complete all the steps, you need to soak a towel in soapy water then squeeze it. You should squeeze until it is damp. Now carefully wipe your ninja blender base with these clothes or towels to clean off the remaining foods and liquid spill. There are other alternatives, such as a kitchen cleaner or using baking soda with water. Be careful with the power cord. It is our advice to use dry cloth and wait at least an hour to use it again.

This advice is essential if you consider that some small areas are still wet. You should keep in mind to give proper attention to the corner because most of the food and liquid spill tends to hide in that area. Also, keep in mind that the base is the most sensitive part of the blender, so do not soak the bottom into deep water because it will damage your blender.

How to clean the ninja blender motor?

You should keep in mind clearly that you must protect the blenders motor as much as possible. Because, if it gets wet it could damage your entire machine. So we would like to recommend you to clean with semi wet soft cloth. You can also mix some detergent or a few drops of dish ditergent but remember do not exceed the quantity. It may also cause harm on your engine also. 

If your ninja blender’s motors contains a lot of dirt then we recommend you to try with some grease remover. But remember to not use it aggressively and also remember to remove it quickly.  It is so important to take proper care of your motor because it is one of the main components of your ninja blender. Now I think you will clearly understand how to clean the ninja blender properly and its motor.

How to clean the ninja blender blade

1. Take out the blade and clean it separately. If your ninja blender’s blade continues to be dirty when you’ve got blending with detergent water and washed the jug, then you will have to be compelled to wash them singly. Detach the jug from the bottom and so unscrew the blade that was left within the base of the jug. Wash them by hand in quandary and dish detergent. Scrub them with a brush, toothbrush or soft sponge to get rid of stubborn items from the blade.

2. If your ninja blender’s blade is so dirty then it is a good option to use a polident tablet. First, you need to take the blade out from your ninja blender jug. Then in the second step, you need to soak it in hot or warm water with two or three polident tablets of any kind. This polident tablet will help to remove any kind of stubborn stains. 

If you don’t want to remove the blade, you always have the option of just cleaning in the jug. Pour enough hot water to cover the blade.After that add two Polident tablets. Let it soak for at least half an hour. Polident is a commercial antibacterial and teeth whitening product. You can find the tablets at grocery stores and drug stores.

3. Lubricate the packing. When you place the blade back within the ninja blender’s mixer, take an instant to envision the seal or gasket of it, the piece of rubber that separates the jug from the bottom. Pour in a tablespoon of vegetable oil or olive oil to make sure it stays flexible.

Choose your blender wisely to save time cleaning it

It is most important that after each use you should immediately clean your blender. This will prevent food debris from drying out, making cleaning more difficult for you. We would like to recommend you to buy an easy-to-clean model if you haven’t bought it yet and are concerned about the issue of cleaning before buying it.

There is some ninja professional blender in the market.  It is very easy to clean and easy to use with good quality. If you buy this kind of compact model then it will take less time to clean it and will save your useful time. If it is true that these models tend to have a higher cost than normal ninja blenders that have many parts but is it not worth it? On the other hand, it is also recommended to us that you should buy a blender whose parts are suitable for the dishwasher machine and other cleaning machines. Not to always put them in the dishwasher, but to put them from time to time to ensure optimal cleaning and optimal use.

How To Clean Ninja Blender-

More bonus tips to keep your ninja blender always clean

According to the World Health Organization, a third of the diseases caused by eating food occur at home as a result of poorly washed food or utensils that do not have good hygiene. Proper cleaning will ensure that your blender stays useful for longer.

To ensure proper cleaning of your blender, also follow these recommendations:

1.  Read the ninja blender cleaning instructions manually before washing your ninja blender if you use it for the first time.

2.  Always use mild products and neutral soaps. Avoid aluminum scourers as they can damage the internal wall and the rest of the materials.

3.  To clean the control buttons, use a cotton swab dipped in rectified alcohol.

4.  Get used to washing your ninja blender as soon as you finish using it. This way, cleaning will be easier, and you will avoid the accumulation of dirt and the development of bacteria.

5.  If you’re out of time, at least soak the filter. This will prevent the pulp from clogging the smallest pores.

6.  When not in use, leave your gear uncovered, so moisture doesn’t accumulate.

 7.  With proper cleaning, you will prevent the appearance of pathogens and ensure that your blender remains useful for longer.

 In addition, your juices, smoothies, shakes, sauces and gazpachos will have a better flavor since they will not be altered by hidden food remains. Now you know how to clean the ninja blender and keep them always clean

I think you have good knowledge about how to clean the ninja blender, So goodbye smells and flavors! Benders store many smells and flavors that you must neutralize so that each recipe you prepare maintains its original flavor.

  • For light odors

Put warm water with lemon and let it rest for 10 minutes. Lemon will remove odor and flavor residues easily.

  • For stronger smells (chili, onion, garlic)

Pour warm water, a dash of lemon and a little bleach into the blender. Let it rest for 10 minutes and blend as if mixing something. Then rinse and wash with the dish soap in the usual way.

  • Still not getting rid of the smell?

You can add a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of white or apple cider vinegar, and warm water. Leave it for 30 minutes and blend this mixture. Then remove it and wash.

If the smell still persists, increase the time to soak your blender, or remove all the elements from it and wash them separately. There are accessories inside the blender that save odors more than the glass itself.


If you follow this step properly on how to clean ninja blender then we are confident that you can now clean your ninja blender in a professional manner. Ninja blender is a very useful appliance for your kitchen. You should always take care of it by cleaning it in a proper way to get the most out of it and for safeguarding your family health. Hopefully, these easy following tips will help you most. Thank you for reading this article and staying with “The  Kitchen Town” to get more tips.