How to remove the lid from a ninja blender: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever tried to take the lid off of a Ninja Blender? If so, you may already know that it is not so easy. Like any other product on the market, Ninja Blender has their own problems. You can’t expect them to work perfectly forever, no matter how strong they are. So, how to remove the lid from a ninja blender?

The Ninja Blender lid can be opened in more than one way. You can press with your thumb to lift or press down on the handle of the lid. You can also pour hot water into the pitcher to remove the lid from the blender.

In this article, I’ll show you the best and safest way to open the lid. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Why is it so hard to take the Ninja lid off?

Many things could be wrong if the lid of your Ninja Blender is hard to take off. This problem can be annoying and make it hard to use your blender. If you’re using a Ninja blender for the first time, you’ll need to figure out how to open the lid. To open the lid, push the release button and pull it up on the handle. You can now open it.

But then, it is a problem if the lid does not open. If the lid of your blender won’t open, you will be in a mess because you cannot use it. First, I will list some reasons why it is so hard to take the Ninja blender lid off.

  1. The ninja pitcher may have lost its gasket.
  2. The lid might be clogged.
  3. The seal on the Pitcher dries out.
  4. The food stuck together in lumps under the handle of the lid.
  5. A problem with the way the handle comes off.
  6. A vacuum is used to seal the container’s gasket.
  7. Too Much Water After Washing
  8. Putting too much in the container

Basically, for these reasons, the lid won’t come off sometimes. But if you read this article, you can learn the easy cure for this Ninja lid issue here, and it works like a charm.

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How to remove the lid from a ninja blender?

When you are on the go and want to make a tasty smoothie, you can use Ninja blender. But sometimes, the lid of the Ninja blender is hard to take off. When you are in a hurry, this is a very annoying situation. Even though it’s annoying, here’s a quick way to fix it. If the lid of your Ninja blender won’t come off easily, don’t pull on it too hard. The more you pull, the more likely you will break it. On the Ninja Blender lid is a button that says “RELEASE.” When the button is pushed down, the lid pops right up.

But if you press the RELEASE button and the lid still doesn’t come off, the Ninja lid is stuck. Below I will discuss some steps to remove the lid from a ninja blender.

System 1: Press with your thumb to lift

In this section, I will explain the most effective system by which you can get the stuck lid off. 

  • To open the Ninja blender lid, press down with your thumb on the top of the lid.
  • If you pull up the tab on the back of the lid, it will pop open.
  • Take the blender’s lid off and set it aside.
  • Line up the tab on the back of the lid with the notch on the blender base to put the lid back on.
  • Press the lid down until it clicks into place.

System 2: Press down on the handle of the lid

With the above method, you can get the stuck lid off. But if that didn’t work, there is another easy way to get the lid off the Ninja blender.

  • Put light, steady pressure on the Ninja blender lid’s handle.
  • When you put pressure on the handle, the lumps under the Ninja handle feel that pressure.

It also puts pressure on the hooks on both sides of the handle.

  • Push the RELEASE button at the same time.
  • The top or lid will just pop up. To open this, you don’t need any tools.

Apart from the above two methods, there are also several ways to fix the stuck lid. I will discuss them one by one below.

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Pour hot water into the pitcher.

Fill the blender’s pitcher with hot water from the tap and let it sit for a few minutes. This method should make the seals less sticky, so you can twist off the Ninja blender lid.

Use water or oil to loosen the lid.

If waiting a few hours doesn’t work, you can add water or oil to the blender container and briefly blend it at high speed. This system will help eliminate any clogs in the seal that might keep the lid from closing properly.

After doing the given method, you should use a spoon to scoop out any extra food. That may have gotten stuck in these cracks while blending. So that it doesn’t get stuck when you try to open the lid again.

Use tweezers or a screwdriver with a flat head

You can see small plastic tabs where the lid connects to the pitcher. If these don’t work right, you won’t be able to open the lid.

You can use tweezers to move the tabs back into place, or if you only have a flat-head screwdriver, you could also try that.

When you put these small pieces of plastic back in, make sure they face up so that when you put the lid back on, it will have full suction power.

 Pam Oil Spray Uses

Use Pam spray to take off the lid of the pitcher. When you store them, you must spray the lid with Pam. Spraying Pam or cooking oil on the edge of the lid will keep it from sticking in the future. Please don’t put the lid on a pitcher when you store it. Before each use, mist the lid.

The parts might be worn out.

There is another common reason why the lid of your Ninja blender might be hard to open. It is because the parts of the lid may have worn out over time. The Ninja blender can get stuck because the suction power is affected by worn-out parts.

If the parts of your Ninja blender are worn out, you would have to buy new ones. You might want to ask a professional for help and see if they can fix it. They might ask you to buy new parts to replace ones that are worn out.

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How to Keep the Lid from Getting Stuck on Your Ninja Blender?

When you want to solve a problem, the most important thing to do is to figure out what caused it in the first place.

As I had already said, don’t fill your pitcher to the top and don’t put it away until it’s totally dry. If you only use your Ninja blender once in a while, it will mess up the lid.

It will be easy to solve as you figure out where the problems come from. There’s nothing special you can do to stop these things from happening. Just go in the opposite direction, which means to be careful with these things and make sure they don’t happen again.

Do not put too many ingredients in the pitcher. Putting all the parts together can bounce up, and food can stick to the lid. This makes the blender’s lid fit better. To solve this problem, you can add less food at a time.

When you wash the blender, dry the lid and ensure it is dry before putting it back together. If you have time, let the pitcher and lid dry overnight upside down. With these tips, you won’t have to fight with a stuck lid.

Final thoughts

No matter what brand you use, you must deal with many things when using a blender. When you use a Ninja blender, sometimes the lid may get stuck. This isn’t a big deal.

Don’t worry about how to open a Ninja blender lid too much. Although it can be a little difficult to open the Ninja blender lid at first, with some practice it gets simpler.

You can try any trick from our article about How to remove the lid from a ninja blender. And I hope one of these will help you open the lid of your Ninja blender.