How to Reverse Mini Fridge Door? [5 Simple Steps]

When buying a new refrigerator, I know you take all the necessary measurements, check reviews online, visit a few stores, and then choose one. Tragedy hits when it arrives because the door opens improperly. The door won’t fully open because of a pillar, a wall, or a counter.  

A fridge door’s swing you can reverse in about 20 minutes with a strong pair of hands and with tools. Reversing a fridge door hinge is a simple task. I recently received a minifridge, and the door is not closing correctly. I’ve tried to use my hands, but it doesn’t seem complete all the way. Is there something you should know about this particular minifridge? 

In this blog post, I will teach you how to reverse mini fridge doors so that they close with ease. With this quick tutorial, you can fix your problem in no time. It may be surprising, but I actually have some experienced pros with unique capabilities for every scenario.

How Do You Reverse the Door on a Mini Fridge?

A reversible fridge door means you can adjust it to open with a left or right swing, based on your comfort. The minifridge’s door reverse function allows you to place almost any place in your house. You may quickly reverse the door by removing a few bolts and pieces at any moment.

What you need to do is turn your minifridge around. Simply turn it around backward so that the door points to the wall. Next, try opening the door and see if it closes entirely without difficulty. Try to inspect it correctly, is it just a matter of adjustment that you can easily fix. Then if you continue to have problems with unusual closing issues, then you may simply want to bring in a technician. So, they can inspect the situation and make adjustments accordingly.

When you have a fridge with hinged doors and want to reverse both, follow the basic steps below for how to adjust a fridge door. To remove the fridge doors, begin by removing the top bracket and hinge, then lifting the door up and away from the center bracket to detach it. The central bracket you can remove, allows you to lift the fridge door off. Replace the brackets in the same order that they were released, starting with the fridge door and ending with the fridge door.

A Quick Guide to Reversing a Mini Fridge Door

  1. Prepare the minifridge
  2. Remove the bracket from the wall
  3. The bottom bracket and hinge switch
  4. Replace the door and reposition the handle
  5. The top bracket and hinge reattach

Prepare The Minifridge

You have to make sure that there’s no food in the door. Then It will be easy to change the door swing on your minifridge. It’s also good to unplug it when the doors are closed to avoid extra power. I know you want to consider adjusting the swing on your refrigerator door while de-icing or repairing it because the fridge can switch off anyway. It could be easier to move the fridge if it’s in a tight position, so you have enough room to work.

Remove The Bracket From The Wall

Remove the door hinge with a wrench. You need to remove the door frame first. After removing the bottom hinge, unscrew the top bracket from the fridge and lift the door upwards until it’s free of the bottom hinge.

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The Bottom Bracket And Hinge Switch

After that, remove the bottom bracket and hinge. Then reattach that using the widest hole on the other side. Additional brackets are available on some larger refrigerator models. If that’s the case, you’ll have to transfer them all at once.

Replace the door and reposition the handle

Next, unscrew the door hook screws by removing any trim covering them. You can move the knobs to the opposite side and tightly screw in. To reattach the fridge door, slide it back onto the lower hinge.

The Top Bracket And Hinge Reattach

Finally, reattach the plastic trim and replace the top bracket and hinge in their original locations. With the bracket and hinge on most minifridges, you can simply move from one side to the other. To save time, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how the bracket and hinge are installed. Check that your minifridge door swings correctly and closes tightly after you’ve finished reversing it. After that, you can plug in your fridge and restock it.

Top 5 Tips Before Reversing The Door Of Your Mini Fridge

  1. You must unplug your fridge from the electricity supply.
  2. Before attempting to reverse the door, you should empty your mini-fridge.
  3. Before starting work you must buy a toolbox of Screwdriver, adjustable wrench, Pliers Socket/ratchet set etc.
  4. Always put screws in their original location. It can affect insulation damage if these screws are not adjusted.
  5. After you’ve finished reversing the door, Do not connect to the power immediately.

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Final Word

There are a few safety precautions to take before changing the minifridge door to the opposite side. Before you start working on the minifridge, unplug it, so you don’t get shocked or pull the appliance on top of you, thinking it’s safe because it’s attached to the wall via the socket. In addition, I hope you found the blog post informative and that it solved your problem about how to reverse mini-fridge door. If you ever have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our website.


Can you flip the door on a mini-fridge?

Yes, you can easily reverse the door of your mini-fridge. Reversing a fridge door is simple if you have the right tools and understand how the parts work.

Is it hard to reverse the fridge door?

No, it’s a simple do-it-yourself project. However, you must pay attention to the disassembly and reassembly procedures and keep track of the plastic parts.

Are all refrigerator doors reversible?

The majority of refrigerator doors are reversible. If the displayed door setup does not suit your kitchen layout, ensure the door is reversible.

Can you change the direction a refrigerator door opens?

Of course, you can change the direction a refrigerator door opens. A refrigerator door you can open from either the left or right side.