How to Use a Hand Mixer: 4 Easy and Effective Steps

A mixer is a basic household essential for mixing, mixing, whipping, and beating. A hand mixer is an electric appliance for your kitchen used for mixing foods such as eggs, creams, cakes, salads, and many more. It is made with two removable metal beaters, and you can easily control its speed also. It also has additional items such as whiskey, Kneading hooks, etc. 

A hand mixer helps us to do the repetitive task of stirring, whisking, or beating. You can replace its beater with a dough hook and easily use it as a knead. So, having a mixer grinder makes the kitchen work more accessible, so it is vital to know how to use a hand mixer efficiently. Also, it is essential to understand how to take care of this appliance so that your helping hands can support you for more days. This article will intensely discuss using a hand mixer without making a mess and some essential insights about your hand mixture.

What is a Hand Mixer?

A hand mixer is a cooking utensil that rotates the whisk-to-whisk eggs and cream and stirs butter and flour. Most of them are electric, but some are manual, which is used by turning the handle. With the electric type, insert the tip with a rotating blade into the bowl’s food and turn on the switch. It will whisk and stir in a blink of an eye. Even with the same name, it is different from the mixer that can powder solid ingredients such as vegetables and fruits or make them into a muddy liquid. It also has another purpose than a “food processor” that can chop and slice ingredients.

how to use a hand mixer

What is the Purpose of Using a Hand Mixer?

The range of foods mixed with a hand mixer is quite extensive and includes items such as eggs, cream creams, pancake batter, icing, cakes, salad dressings, and more. One of the everyday and essential uses of your electric hand mixture is whipping boiled potatoes. It is the easiest way in the world to make mashed potatoes using your electric hand mixer.

What you can also do with your hand mixture:

  • Whisk egg whites to make meringue and chiffon cake.
  • Sponge cake and dorayaki dough by whipping whole eggs.
  • Make whipped cream by whipping cream.
  • Softly knead cream cheese, eggs, sugar, etc., to make cheesecake.
  • Softly knead butter for cookies, pound cakes, and butter cakes.

A hand mixer is an alternative to a whisk. If you use an electric hand mixer, you can easily and quickly perform the difficult whipping work of making sweets. It’s tough to whip eggs and cream and to do it manually with a whisk.

how to use a hand mixer

It cannot be easy to mix a heavy consistency batter or food item with a hand mixer. It is mainly dependent on the softness of the foods and also the strength of the mixer. It is where a more powerful stand mixer may be more convenient. 

Non-electric rotary egg beaters were required in kitchens decades earlier, but in the early 1900s, they were replaced with electric versions, and then most homemakers never looked back. Electric handheld hand mixers are more potent than non-electric rotary egg beaters because they have continuous power and need far less time and effort to mix.

Easy Steps on How to Use a Hand Mixer

An electric hand mixer is now a popular appliance for every home. But do you know how to use a hand-held mixer properly? This electric hand mixer is handy and famous, but if you don’t know how to use it properly, it may fail. So, it is essential to understand use a hand mixer properly. Below we will demonstrate some steps on using a hand mixture properly.

1. Insert the outlet and stabilize it

Insert beaters or kneading hooks into the mixture. You may need to turn them a little bit while you are doing this. Please push it in until you can hear a click sound. Then put the ingredients in the bowl and lay a cloth underneath to help stabilize the bowl.

2. Turn on the power

Put the plug of your mixture in the electric socket and turn on the power of your mix.

3. Always start from low speed

While holding the bowl, hit the material with Peter, start turning at low speed at first, and switch to high speed while watching the situation. Keep the beaters in constant motion circling the bowl’s circumference and through the centre to incorporate all ingredients. After whipping and stirring, stop Peter’s rotation and then pull it out. It is the basis for the proper use of a hand mixer.

4. Read the manual for the best use

Nowadays, technology is spreading at the speed of lights. Every day we use gadgets or appliances that didn’t exist even before 2-5 years ago. So, it is better to read the manual for your newly bought hand mixture to know the proper use.

Special tips to avoid the mess

It is a very simple thing when using a hand mixer and making a mess. To avoid flame batter all over your kitchen, start by using a deep narrow bowl and stabilize the bowl by resting it within a damp towel that is twisted in a circle or on a piece of rubber shelf liner.

Another trick to using a hand mixer is please start the hand mixer at low speeds. Starting at high rates can cause the ingredients to scatter, and you need to increase the speed to make a beautiful meringue gradually. Suddenly increasing the speed may cause a malfunction, which is an important point when using the hand mixer.

The sponge fabric is fast and does not mean it will be smooth. It is also a point to choose the number of rotations according to the material. It is also essential to lay a cloth under the bowl and fix it firmly. It is a point to remember when using a hand mixer at home.


Ques: 1. What you can’t do with a hand mixer?

Answer: It’s called a mixer, so it sounds like a mixer companion. But you cannot make smoothies or banana juice. Crushing pumpkin and potage soup is also a little complicated. Even if you try to make liquid, pumpkin, and onions in a bowl, you can probably imagine that the fluffy juice will splash, and it will not be smooth. You can’t chop cabbage or make minced meat. It is mainly used for making your favorite sweets. Whipping eggs, egg whites, and cream is the number one job of a hand mixer. You can mix soothing ingredients. The structure of a general hand mixer is simple.

Ques: 2. What can you use as a hand mixer?

Answer: We can use a mixture to prepare different kinds of foods, and its use is extensive. It is an excellent tool for mixing cake and batter, whipping eggs and cream, delicious doughnuts, making delicious sweets, and more. It is a great portable tool for integrating various things in your kitchen and making your kitchen journey easier. Compared to non-electric rotary mixtures; the electric portable hand mixers are more efficient and easier to use.

Ques: 3. Can you use it as a hand mixer with one beater? 

Answer: Yes, you can use it, but it is always better to use it with two. Because it will keep your bowl more consistent, and will not make your kitchen messy.

Final Words

We hope that this article will help you know how to use a hand mixer and how to use a handheld mixer. I hope now you will be able to use this valuable tool to make delicious foods for your familyThank you for visiting The Kitchen Town.