How Much Does It Cost To Run A Mini Fridge?

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Mini Fridge?

Don’t you use your household fridge to its full potential or do you just live alone? The typical residential refrigerator uses a lot of energy to operate. It would help if you kept in mind that other fridges use different amounts of energy. Switching to a mini fridge is better than paying those high utility … Read more

How to discharge a microwave capacitor in 2022

How To Discharge A Microwave Capacitor

We all have a beautiful kitchen in our home.  That kitchen has a microwave that helps us not to cook over and over again. The microwave picks up the time we spend cooking over and over again.  If for some reason this precious thing has a problem or it doesn’t work, it’s a big problem … Read more

How to clean refrigerator water dispenser mold? Try These Tips!

how to clean refrigerator water dispenser mold

Nobody likes to drink from a dirty refrigerator water dispenser. In fact, it may be simply awful! Moreover, it can serve as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. How often do you clean fridge water dispenser? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t clean the water dispenser in your refrigerator very often. Cleaning … Read more

How long does a mini fridge take to get cold?

How long does a mini fridge take to get cold

Are you getting a warm welcome from your brand-new refrigerator? Mini refrigerators are common room-saving choices that fit even the smallest dorm rooms. However, it is usual for individuals to panic when they realize that their mini-fridge is plugged in but won’t cool.  You may then be curious about how long your refrigerator will take … Read more