XYJ Full Tang Serbian Chef Knife Review [2022]

As a chef, you cannot live without a chef knife. You can’t cook a meal in the kitchen without a knife. Many people start with a versatile chef knife as their primary tool for cooking at home. Now, it’s time to introduce something new that looks attractive. Serbian-made knives are some of the best in the world. Internationally, it is a highlight among professional chefs of all levels. When it comes to hand-forged knives, the Serbian Chef Knife is a sure bet for those looking for the highest quality.

It is an unusual piece of cutlery designed for use on hard items such as squash, even though it is not as popular as the Japanese chef knife. Usually, it’s hand-forged and made to make it feel like a pro in your kitchen. Cooking is often in the dreams of professional chefs or anyone who likes to spend time cooking during their free time. It’s much easier to prepare daily meals with one of these knives.

We are offering XYJ Full Tang Serbian Chef knives to our customers at a great price. It was designed with a feather-like lightness and the blade makes cutting effortless. The handle has been made from buffalo horn, and each is finished with a hard same cloth wrap.

Serbian Chef Knife – Introduction Almazan Version

Serbian knife manufacturers have joined forces with one of Japan’s oldest and most respected knife makers to bring you this fantastic high-quality kitchen Japanese Chef Knife at a price that won’t put a hole in your pocket. With a combined lifetime of more than 70 years, these two companies know what makes a good quality kitchen knife. The 440C (one of the best stainless steel for kitchen knives) core comprises 66 SUS410 high-performance stainless steel layers.

The Almazan kitchen knife is another name for the Serbian chef knife. It is much more than a continual chef’s knife. In addition, the Almazan chef knife always has a unique design to improve your efficiency in the kitchen. This chef’s knife should be able to cut quickly, smoothly, and effortlessly. It looks similar to a Chinese cleaver but has a curved edge instead of the straight edge of the latter (squarish). Cleverly designed, this knife is considered to be one of the best in the world of cleaves.

This knife has the sharp edge and durability of a Japanese blade. The thinner blade cuts through ingredients like butter, and I find it easier to control when cutting more minor items. But it retains the weight and strength of a heavier European knife, allowing you to cut through hard produce with little effort.

Recommended Best Serbian Chef Knife

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XYJ Serbian Japanese Chef Knife

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DRAGON RIOT Serbian Kitchen Knife

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ENOKING Full Tang Handle Serbian Chef Knife

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Meat Cleaver 7 inch Vegetable and Butcher Knife

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Forging Serbian Kitchen Butcher Knife

How To Care For XYJ Butcher Serbian Chef’s Knives

  1. Whetstone Or Diamond Stone

With a Whetstone or Diamond Stone, you can effectively sharpen the knife. Make sure it has a fine enough texture to be sharp. You will now be able to determine the angle at which the blade was previously sharpened. Starting sharpening from a completely different angle will require more effort and time on your part. Hence, it’s best to stick with the tried and true method of doing things.

2. Stone Lubricant

 Whetstones and diamond stones both require lubrication with honing oil. Oiling the stone’s pores will help prevent steel shavings from clogging the pores of the stone. As well as increasing the sharpening efficiency. Don’t overdo it with the lubricant, just a tiny bit.

3. Angle Figure

You should be able to figure out the angle by looking at the knife’s edge, but if you’re still having trouble, you can contact the manufacturer. Check the knife’s manual or any other place where you can find information about it to see if you can find it.

A 10 to 30-degree angle on each side should suffice. The perception that shallower angles will produce sharper edges is short-lived. Curves that are steeper will last longer, and the sharpness will be excellent. In other words, aim for a 17 to 20-degree angle when sharpening your blade.

4. Grinding And Sharpening 

Whetstones and Diamond Stones are divided into grinding and sharpening halves. The knife must be rubbed on the side with the rough grit. Fine grit is used to sharpen knives. If you didn’t already know, you’d need to grind the blade before you can share it.

Some stone manufacturers provide lubrication guidelines. If you find any, you should follow them. As a result, it is essential to know which stones are lubricated and which are not.

XYJ Almazan Chef’s Knives Review

XYJ Serbian Butcher Knife has been hand-forged in the Serbian style. Vegetables and meat are expertly and flawlessly cut with this machine. As a result, it makes clean, precise cuts. This multi-functional tool is a chef’s and butcher’s most significant partner. Compared to factory-made knives, these handcrafted knives last much longer. It’s crafted using ancient samurai methods, and it produces surgical-quality cuts. We’re obsessed with this Japanese masterpiece.

The best part of these Serbian chef knives has been sharpened manually by people who have been sharpening knives for over thirty years. Manual sharpening has the advantage of lasting much longer than machine-sharpened knives.

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A most attractive feature is a full-tang knife which has a thick, wide-body profile, a comfortable handle. Cutting, slicing, and chopping are quick and easy with the knife’s comfortable grip. On this knife and the previous one, there is also an integrated safety cover made of leather that protects the sharp blade.

This Serbian knife is hand-forged using a time-honored technique called “San Mai.” The authentic Japanese knife has a sharp edge and is very hard, making it incredibly difficult to forge. Because the blade is made from laminated steel, it can be sharpened to a more acute angle without snap or chip.

Salient Features

Hand-forged Technology: Genuine Serbian chef blades have this characteristic. It is forged and ground by hand using traditional Master Smithing forging procedures, and it is then heated and fired.

Lasting High Carbon Steel Blade: Most modern kitchen cutlery is made of stainless steel, which is easy to maintain and corrosion-resistant. Plain high-carbon steel is more substantial but not as strong as a high-carbon steel alloy. As a result, Serbian chef knives were developed. Carbon steel is the only material used in the construction of an Almazan. A chef’s knife is not forged with this steel, which gives it greater strength and durability. When it comes to carbon steel, the amount of steel and carbon is higher than stainless steel.

Adjustable Handle: With Japanese Steel, solid wood handle, and unique adjustable handle, this knife gives you the best of both worlds. It is a chef’s knife with a well-balanced blade, giving you excellent control.

Weight: The Blade Length is 10.5cm, Blade Thickness is 1.8 cm, and The Overall Length is 16.5cm. This knife contains 10% tungsten, which makes the edge of the knife harder than conventional blades.

Cutting edge: Designed to cut and chop vegetables like a knife through hot butter. The blade is hand-ground from high-carbon Japanese steel for precision cutting and a razor-sharp edge.

Durability: This Knife possesses excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance and with sharp blades on both sides. It’s easy to switch from a right-handed to a left-handed grip whenever you need it.

  • The blade and handle are both well-balanced, comfortable, and durable.
  • The handle is made of high-quality stainless steel and wood.
  • Not easily deformed, the handle is non-slip.
  • Suitable for vegetable, fruit, wood, or meat all cutting tasks.
  • The blade design razor-sharp.
  • The handle is skinny, which causes many problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best Serbian chef knife?

Many brands on the market produce the best quality Serbian chef knives. You can also find the Vk Damascus Serbian knife, the Cooling Promaja Serbian chef’s knife, and the XYJ Full Tang butcher knife, which is incredibly sharp, durable, and versatile.

On Amazon, XYJ full tang Serbian Style Chef Knife is a bestseller. Stainless steel with a high carbon content is used in its manufacture. Simple to maintain and re-sharpen. It is well-balanced and non-slip.

Are Serbian chef knives good compared to other knives on the market?

Yes, they are! Both an Almazan knife and a Serbian knife are essentially the same in appearance and function. Knives made in Almazan are forged in the same style as Serbian knives, but they are not made in Almazan. In addition, they have heavy-duty cutting blades that are incredibly effective when cutting meat and vegetables. Because of its rigidity, the blade is ideal for cutting through tough meat and bones. When it comes to chopping and slicing, the blade’s sharp edge is invaluable. They’re tough, durable, sharp, and well-made. Sometimes they will need to be re-sharpened to keep them from rusting.

How to clean Serbian chef knives?

Its durability, longevity, cleaning ability, and sharpness will make it a favorite among chefs. Thanks to its unique design, which combines sharpness with ease of cleaning, it’s a breeze to wash. For immediate cleaning, wipe it down with a soft cloth or run it under running water. All knives should be shaped in this manner.


Finally, we have arrived at the end! Most people use XYJ Butcher Serbian chef knives. You might find a few others, but these are the most popular. Users also seem to be happy with their performance.

Tests on something new, which isn’t used much because of its novelty, are worthwhile. You do not have to choose from these models because we have reviewed them. Look at the features, read the user reviews, and then select what you like. You will benefit most from this. Anyway, I hope this instruction was instructive for you. Stay with The Kitchen Town, will be updated on the latest trends. Good luck with your cooking!